Crafted Cork Board

In which I reveal my crafty project for the new house (#89), one of my monthly missions (#32).

After saving wine corks with the help of my friends for over a year, I am proud to show you the cork board I crafted this weekend. This represents over 75 bottles of wine and champagne, not including the few supplemental corks I purchased from Michael’s so that I wouldn’t use up our entire stash and leave Katie W. hanging when she gets around to her wine cork project.

I purchased a shadow box frame from Michael’s which included inserts to adjust the depth up to an inch thick. Using hot glue, I covered the glass with some flat cork I had left over from another project. I painted the sides and front of the frame cream, then put an additional, darker coat on with a dry foam brush. I really liked the rougher, varied look that the mix of paint gave the frame. I left the inside of the frame black, which I think adds some definition when you view the board from the side.

I placed the corks into the frame, trying to fit them in as tightly as possible. Then I simply pulled them out one by one and hot glued them into place. Placing the corks was by far the longest step in this project. Gluing took much less time than I initially anticipated. The cork board is hanging on a kitchen wall with two other wine-related decorations that I’ve had for years. The red wine that stained the edge of some of the corks helps tie the board into the color scheme of the art, as well as the black rim inside the frame.

I am excited about this project. I have been planning it for a long time, and I’m really pleased with how it came out. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the frame that I found for this. It was perfect, and cheaper than some of the traditional frames I’d looked at before. And it all has the added bonus of covering up some older nail holes and chips in that wall. A successful completion all around!


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