Fondue Fun – Complete!

In which I relate my over-achievement of making and lingering over two fondue recipes in one night (#95).

I really like serving fondue when we host guests that we don’t mind putting to work in the kitchen. The lovely Katie W. joined the hubs and me last weekend for a double fondue dinner. We all helped cut up the dippers and shred cheese for a Havarti-Cheddar Fondue (recipe here), and then we all taste tested the wine-based concoction before declaring it ready for dinner. We sat down at the table and consumed an obscene amount of cheese, broccoli, cauliflower, bread, and apples.

I did a quick clean up of the fondue pot, and we took a break with a second bottle of wine before prepping a basic chocolate fondue for dessert. (No special recipe here, any chocolate fondue recipe you find on the internet will do.) Again, we all helped prepare it, and spent a long time at the table dipping strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows in while we enjoyed a bottle of champagne.

It was so much fun. We were all involved in the cooking, and we definitely lingered over dinner and enjoyed each others’ company. It is a really easy way to make a dinner or dessert more of an occasion.

P.S. Want to know how I’m eating up our leftover cheese fondue? Check out my meal plan.


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