Flashback Fun!

In which I update my in-car emergency kit from my previous 101 project.

Though we hadn’t made it out to the beach until this past weekend, there is water everywhere around here. So I wanted to update my car emergency kit with one more item: a commercial window breaker and seatbelt cutter.

Most likely, I’ll never have to use any of the items in my kit. I especially hope that I’ll never have to use this one. Perhaps I’ve just been watching too much Mythbusters:

Though Adam did eventually get out of the car without using the emergency air supply, they determined that people weren’t likely to stay calm enough in a real life situation. People panic underwater? Preaching to the choir there, Mythbusters. I had no problem believing that I would panic if I ever got into a similar situation, but I especially believed it when they did a follow up episode. In that scenario, the car entered the water upside down and flipped several times before the pressure equalized enough to open the door.

A few dollars on Amazon seems a good trade for a bit more peace of mind to me.


2 thoughts on “Flashback Fun!

  1. Right now, I am planning to keep it in my glove compartment, though it says not to. You’re supposed to attach the base to your dash with heavy duty tape or velcro. That seems a bit unnecessary to me. If anything, I’d attach it to the driver’s door in some way.

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