Yes, Virginia, there is a beach.

In which I reflect on our first trip out to the beach and begin to make a list of must-visit places in our new location (#68).

Yesterday, the hubs and ventured away from our new townhouse to confirm that there is, in fact, an ocean out there. And we discovered that it takes us all of five minutes to get there, provided that it takes us three minutes to find parking. This was one of the warmest days we’ve had, and the wind on the beach was still pretty bitter.

We walked away from the wind on the sand for a good stretch, watching little kids and a lot of dogs running around. Walking back, we stayed on the sunny pavement to combat the wind roaring into our ears. Towards this status of Neptune, who conveniently marked where we parked.

We ended up stopping in a restaurant to have some appetizers and drinks to prolong our view of the ocean from the nice controlled climate inside. And talked about how neither of us ever dreamed of living near the beach. We planned more explicitly how we are going to make travelling a priority in our savings and our future. How kids will fit into that picture. Trips that we’d love to take before we have kids.

And then we turned the conversation back to places we want to visit near our new home. Places that may help turn us into beach people after all. I haven’t come up with our definitive list yet, but I suspect that it will cover more than five places. Since we moved here, we’ve been lamenting about the thick suburbs, with the chain stores and restaurants. It was really nice to get out and glimpse what the area has to offer.


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