Blogging, Baby!

In which I reflect on using blogging as a motivating tool while 101-ing (#42).

This is my 38th post on what still feels like my brand new 101 project blog. Posting every day in January not only gave me a jump on the 550 posts I’d challenged myself to write, but also got me into the habit of posting frequently. Even assuming that my posting schedule slows down with time, I suspect this is one goal I can really blow out of the water.

During my last 101 project, I posted fairly regularly, but not as much as I would have liked. And I still managed some fairly solid stats:

Click here to check out some of those old posts.

I put pressure on myself to blog often as a self-motivating tactic. I need to keep working on my goals and thinking about my 101 project so that I have something to blog. I’ve been encouraging myself to blog even on days that there is no particular progress I can report.

None of my posts are ground-breaking. My 101 project isn’t ground-breaking. I’m working to bring more joy and grace to my life, and sitting down with my computer is a simple reminder of the energy I am attempting to cultivate. Writing things out often sparks new ideas for me, and I enjoy the boost of energy I get after reporting my progress.

It is easy to keep momentum in the beginning of a project, but I know that blogging regularly will help me maintain it through my 1001. Keeping a “what have you posted lately?” mentality in the mix of emotions related to a project of this magnitude is daunting. It forces me to break down progress into smaller components, which helps me feel like I am making progress during those droughts between completions.

Thanks for reading so far. I hope some of my motivation rubs off on you, whatever your current projects may be.


2 thoughts on “Blogging, Baby!

  1. Do you remember in Sister Act 2 when the choir sang that song “what have you done for me lately?” Well, it just popped into my head… I love that movie!

    But to speak to your progress, I really enjoy reading your posts regardless of 101 relevance. I can assure you, I’m about to stray from my 101 very soon in order to keep up regular posts too!

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