All About Clothes

In which I highlight a new blog feature I’ll be avidly commenting on (#60) and challenge myself to buy only one article of clothing this month (#6).

I’m currently commenting on my friends’ 101 project blogs. We have a great support community going on, and I’ve been finding the feedback really motivating. I wanted to highlight a new blog feature that the lovely Katie W. introduced this week — she’d chronicling some of her outfits for each month. I love it! Especially the necklaces she sported in January — take a look by clicking the photo:

Click on her photo to read Katie’s awesome post. Photo by Katie W.

Well, in appreciation of putting yourself out there, I’ve got an outfit for you, Katie! We had unseasonably warm temperatures on Wednesday, and I jumped at the opportunity to wear my new skirt. I thought I was fairly cute (despite the hair), but when I got a complement at the post office, I knew I needed to post this one.

Top: Tulle
Skirt: Lands End Canvas
Tights: Target?
Shoes: AK Anne Klein Flex, via DSW

This is an outfit particularly for Katie because she also owns this sweater and this skirt. (For the record, she found the sweater, I found the skirt. We’re helpful like that.)

This skirt is an interesting addition to my closet. The waistline is lower than I’ve been buying recently (it sits right under the band at the bottom of the sweater), and it poofs out right at my widest part. But I like the silhouette despite the fact that I’m breaking one of my own rules. I paired it with slightly patterned charcoal tights and light grey suede flats to keep it wintery. And I think everyone can guess how I feel about the pockets!

With shipping and a coupon code, this skirt was under $30. But I made a lot of other clothing purchases last month. Coupled with the fact that I now have to entertain myself more because the hubs is away, this is a dangerous pattern. I have challenged myself to purchase only one article of clothing this month. I’ve been needing to make a general effort to purchase fewer clothes and have higher standards for each item. I do love sales, but often come away with something that isn’t quite what it should be. I’d rather have a wardrobe of fewer and more loved items.

And let me tell you, it is going to be a BIG challenge — I’ve already purchased my more expensive, hopefully better quality item of clothing for the month! It is shipping to me now, and I’ll definitely be back with a report when it comes in. It is free shipping both ways, so I am planning to be ruthless. If I don’t love it, I won’t keep it.

Must. Stay. Strong.

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  1. I LOVE YOU! Have I told you that today?!

    Thanks for showing me off! I feel so special 🙂 AND you look lovely! Guess who else is debuting her new skirt in Feb?! Yay!!!

    Also, when you feel like shopping, email me and I’ll do it for you! Because I’m helpful like that!

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