January Missions – Incomplete

In which I detail the progress I made on my first monthly missions (#32) and remain upbeat about my failure.

I did not complete all my monthly missions for January but I did make a good faith effort. It ended up being really close. Let’s recap, shall we?

1. Order new couch and chairs – Incomplete
We did order a new couch, and we ordered two new rugs and bought lamps for our living room. We also did our best to order our chairs, but it turns out that the Thomasville store out here went out of business. We looked at some alternatives, but none of them grabbed us as much, and all were more money. So, we’ll be hoping that we can order them where we saw them in Richmond, and that our area will be covered in delivery by the Williamsburg store, or something. I think I made a best effort attempt on this, but life just got in the way.

2. Blog every day of January 2011 – Complete!
This challenge was very fulfilling. This is my 31st day of working on my list and blogging about it. The regular blogging pressure helped me focus on my list and I think I have started creating a few good habits in this process. I think this may make a reappearance next January.

3. Organize our new kitchen – Complete!
This didn’t take long at all. I still have a few items to find a place for, but the basic organization of our cabinet space is completed. A few simple changes seems to have made a big difference here. I think there will still be tweaks as we use the kitchen and figure out what works and what doesn’t, but I have a workable jumping off point.


One thought on “January Missions – Incomplete

  1. You need to change the title of this post to Partial Completion or 66.666667% Complete.

    Congrats on getting off to a good start! The chair thing was completely out of your control so it’s all good in the hood, as we say on the streets.

    In addition, I’m kind of sad that January is over and you won’t be posting everyday… I’m sure it was a lot of work for you, but I kind of loved it! Ha! Until next January I suppose…

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