From the Kitchen

In which I plug the other blog I work on, and put in a good word for my newest meal plan (#4).

If you are ever at a loss to find recipes on the internet (ha), please click on over to the food blog I contribute recipes to. The blog is primarily updated by the lovely Katie W. and me. In fact, she’s even got a goal on her 101 to blog a recipe once a month over there.

It is a modest blog that is really a labor of love. We aren’t changing the world of cooking, and we certainly aren’t going to be offered a cookbook deal from it. We are simply sharing meal ideas and recipes, sometimes with pictures, and sometimes without. I’ve found that it helps me branch out and not cook the same things week after week — I have to have something to post, don’t I?

Many of the dishes that I’m listing in my meal plans are already posted on there. I’ll be posting the new recipes after I make them and updating the links after that week’s plan. So check out my newest meal plan by clicking on the graphic to the right. You know you could use some ideas for dinner.