New Kindle Cover

In which I show you my new toy from an independent seller, only very slightly related to my goal to buy clothing or accessories from one (#94).

I recently bought this sleeve for my new Kindle. My sister and I both got the Kindle 3 from our parents for Christmas. My sister quickly purchased a sleeve from the Free Moment Etsy shop. She liked hers so much that I soon followed suit and got my own cover.

I think that the best thing about these particular sleeves is the neoprene flap on the inside to hold your Kindle in. I don’t know how it would fair at protecting the Kindle from a shock from being dropped, or if it could really cushion it if a weight were placed on it. These things don’t worry me, as I am not commuting with my Kindle. I plan to use the sleeve when I’m not reading it around the house and when packing in a suitcase. I think that it is plenty sturdy for those purposes.

The shop also has the book style Kindle covers. If you’re interested in something like this, the listing for my cover can be found here, while my sister’s pattern is here.

I really like the idea of shopping on Etsy and more limited retailers like Modcloth. I haven’t done it much, but I’ll be looking to increase my purchases over the course of the 101 project. I am looking forward to spending a bit more money to get things that match my personality, rather than depending entirely on the affordability of places like Target. I am hoping to have more of a balance of goods and clothing in my life. My kindle cover is the first purchase on that road. It certainly fits the spirit of the goal, if not the letter.


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