Chemical Cleaners

In which I explain my reasoning behind reducing our usage of chemical cleaners (#40).

While the environmental benefits of natural cleaners are appealing, they are not the primary reasons I’ve undertaken this goal. Alas, it is much less noble, and more selfish.

I am prone to intense migraine headaches, often triggered by strong smells. The hubs suffers from allergies. We rent our home, so we aren’t in total control of the air quality we’re living with. Especially now that we are attempting to use our wood stove to heat, rather than the central heating and the filters that accompany it. But we can be in control of our additions to our air.

I’ll be using up the chemical cleaners we have and replacing them with natural or alternative methods. I’m too cheap to dispose of all the cleaners we already own. Luckily, I got a big jump on reducing my usage of chemical cleaners when we were cleaning out our old apartment. I was able to use up two different bath cleaners in one day.

I would like to eliminate the chemical cleaners for jobs I do all the time. In other words, I’ll be worrying more about the bathroom cleaners than the rarely used oven cleaner. I’m planning on counting this goal as completed when I have natural cleaners for all of the regular cleaning jobs. (Though I think I’ll give a pass to the stain-reducing arsenal we have for laundry. There’s no way I’ll use those up in the time of this list. And I’m not convinced that natural solutions will adequately replace such things.) I’m willing to shell out a bit more to get new cleaners that will be kinder to us, and to the environment to boot. Suggestions of specific products are definitely welcome in the comments.


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  1. I’ll keep you posted as I transition. I did buy 7th Generation dish soap for work and it’s good. I plan to switch whatever I can to 7th Generation.

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