Proper Detectors and Extinguisher

In which I admit to a terribly rude letter to a leasing office and make progress on getting proper carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers for our home (#43).

Isn’t that a rather terrible photo? Apologies.

The hubs and I recently made a grand trip to Lowe’s, where we picked up a wide variety of household items using a 10% coupon we’d received when we changed our address with the post office. I included an additional carbon monoxide detector and a fire extinguisher in our loot from that discounted trip. This safety goal isn’t complete, though, because Lowe’s didn’t have an extinguisher intended for a fireplace or chimney fire. I know that they exist, so I’ll be looking in other stores.

We already owned the top (dingy) carbon monoxide detector. And we can vouch for the volume of its alarm. As with all detectors, the batteries cause the unit to chirp when they are running low. But those batteries last a surprisingly long time — long enough for us to have completely forgotten that we had the detector perched on the top of our bookshelves in our old apartment. We’d recently left a note for the leasing office that the smoke detectors in the empty apartment next door were chirping, and asked it they’d replace the batteries in our own detectors when they brought the ladder. (Our ceilings were very tall, so we couldn’t do this on our own, though we did provide the batteries.)

When we heard the chirping in our own apartment one night, we got very mad at the leasing office, and assumed they’d used out batteries to quiet the chirping detectors next door. Hastily, I wrote a strongly worded letter to the leasing office manager, and we retired to a poor night of sleep on the air mattress in our guest room. (The walls in our bedroom did not reach the ceiling, so there was no chance of blocking out the insistent sound.)

Of course, the next morning, I discovered that it was the forgotten carbon monoxide detector chirping. We could have silenced it at any time. Worse, we’d left that nasty note in the box already. I had to write a second, much more humble note to apologize for the first. It must have been an interesting morning in the leasing office, having a deserved laugh at our expense.


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  1. Oh that stinks! There is nothing worse than that sound… And you’re thinking, “really, nothing worse?” And I say ABSOLUTELY, there is nothing worse than that chirping!

    But, at least you made someone laugh 🙂

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