Wii Fit Baseline

In which I reveal my starting point as I work towards 150 hours on the Wii Fit (#17).

This is one of my most ambitious goals. I don’t exercise, and I really need to. (After all, who doesn’t?) I would like to get into better shape, but I burn out on things very easily. On my last list, I had a goal to do 30 minutes of yoga or cardio for our days a week for three months. After a few failed attempts, I got the wii fit to help me with that goal. I did complete it, but I was so burned out that I haven’t touched the wii fit with any regularity since.

It did work while I was using it, though. I’m not looking for huge results — I don’t want to run a marathon, I don’t want to lose a certain amount of weight. I just want to be more active than I am now. I want to stay the size that I am so that I don’t have to keep buying larger clothes. (Smaller clothes, on the other hand, are another story, of course.)

I worded this goal so that I can work on it steadily. I know that I’ll have slumps. I don’t want to get discouraged when it happens, I want my work to still count toward my goal whether it is on a one-off day or during two weeks of persistence.

I have logged just over 25.5 hours on the wii fit now. Hopefully by the end of the 1001 (977 days left) I’ll have logged at least 150. That is a big jump, and I know I can get a lot of good out of it. (Maybe it will even help me with my goal to improve my posture.) I’m counting on the variety of exercises and games to keep me interested on a regular basis. I have small hand weights and ankle weights to try to get the most out of my actions. I’ll be reporting in on my progress periodically, so help me hope for the best!