Friends… We jumped.

In which I reveal a big step on my monthly mission (#32).

I am very happy to say that the hubs and I have finally ordered a couch! We purchased it this morning with some of the money we’ve been saving since we got married a few years ago. And I am very excited to take a step towards living like real adults with our own style and everything.

So what’d we get?

Image from Lee Industries Furniture.

We got this couch, with the standard cushions, in a nice medium brown fabric. It will be delivered in six-seven weeks — I can’t wait. Now we just need to get out to Thomasville to get the two chairs we’ve been eying. They will go in a separate room for now, but we’re planning to get them in a lighter neutral so that we can have them all in one room if we have a lot of guests over, or in another house.

I’m so excited about this!


4 thoughts on “Friends… We jumped.

  1. I picked the right style! Bedow!

    Congratulations you two! Can’t wait to see it all come together!

    PS – I’m not waiting six to seven weeks to come visit… Couch or no couch, I’ll be comfortable on the floor. Pillow party!

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