A Bamboo Cry for Help

In which I admit that plants flourishing is not my strong point (#81) and introduce my yellowing bamboo.

As I’ve been looking around our new place, I’ve been trying to envision where I’ll keep some plants. I need particular ideal conditions because I am terrible at keeping plants alive. Since we moved about a month ago, my two impossible-to-kill plants have been teasing me.

I lost a good portion of leaves on one of them, but it is recovering now. I need to turn my worrying mind to my bamboo. I’ve had these three stalks of bamboo for about five years now, and they have always been hardy. This is the third pot they’ve been in, and I don’t think the roots would have overwhelmed it yet. But the leaves, as you can see, are yellowing from the bottom of the stalks up.

Thanks to google, I have a few steps in mind to attempt over the next couple of days. Hopefully one of those will turn the tide in my favor. Right now, I think that the hubs and I share one of the bamboo’s main problems — it just isn’t humid enough in our new place. So my first step is going to be to move the bamboo up into the bedroom, where we run a humidifier each night. That room is generally warmer and lighter than other rooms in the house too. Next time the water gets low, I’ll be putting in a solution of water and fertilizer.

Keep your fingers crossed, would you? It is going to be a long goal if it turns out that I actually can kill bamboo.


One thought on “A Bamboo Cry for Help

  1. Aww Mr. Bamboo, don’t leave us like this!

    I’ve seen quite a few bamboo plants going yellow these days so let’s just pretend it’s seasonal defective disorder for plants and he’ll be back to sorts come spring! In the meantime, my fingers are crossed.

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