Do you have plans for dinner?

In which I highlight my first step towards wasting less food (#4) — meal planning.

Can’t grocery shopping be awful? Too many people, so much money spent, and then you get home and realize that you still can’t make what you were planning to because you don’t have all the ingredients. I did that far too often, and still more than I’d like. So I’m getting back on the meal planning bandwagon. (I fell off during the lead up to the move and the craziness that followed.)

Our new refrigerator is not magnetic, so we had to come up with a new system for this house. We bought a dry erase calendar that sticks right to the wall. (Interested? Wall Pops. We got ours at Target.) This now lives in the kitchen, by our pantry cabinet and the fridge. It is a bit girly, but the hubs pointed out that this design would make me much happier than the plain white one. And he was right. Meal planning can use all the help in the joy department that it can get.

We used to plan out two weeks of meals in advance, as grocery shopping was much further away than it is here. Right now, I’m just planning to attempt one week at a time. I think that in the past, planning our meals helped us shop more efficiently, saved us money, and made making dinner fairly stress-free. Of course, it also helps us plan healthier, more balanced meals.

Our first week back was a bit less than a total success, as we still didn’t purchase all the ingredients for the chicken paprikash. (We did, however, improvise a perfectly tasty substitute sauce.)

I’m looking forward to getting into a new routine with our planning. I think that I’ll include our weekly meal plans as a feature on the blog over the next few weeks. Maybe it will help spark an idea for one of your dinners. It could turn into a good resource for overcoming the initial friction of getting back in the swing of things.


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