It’s Me — Mario!

In which I attempt to get the Super Mario Brothers theme song in your head while admitting that I may have underestimated my video game skills (#99).

Before you continue reading this post, go ahead and play the video for a bit of background music.

Great.  Really sets the mood, doesn’t it?

I am a big fan of the simple, old-school video games. I never played them until college, and I’m not very good at them. (Not surprising.) Of course, I’m even worse at the more advanced games. I was very excited with Super Mario Bros Wii came out. The hubs and I got it and the guide from our siblings last Christmas.

I think it is a good mix of the traditional Mario and the Wii. I really liked playing at the same time as my husband, who is far more skilled than I. (When we play other games, we try to put ourselves into a bubble before we die. Our muscles did it automatically for a while.) We have completed everything that you can do in the game, earning ourselves five shining gold starts. But I want to finish the solo game that I started about a year ago. I thought that I was somewhere in World 3.

Check me out, end of World 5! That’s right, I’m about to beat your castle and move on to World 6! Perhaps I am not as hopeless as I thought. (Now, up until this point, I’ve just been playing straight through, not worrying about getting everything in the level. I am currently planning on considering this completed when I beat Bowser. Extra stuff, after all, is extra.)


One thought on “It’s Me — Mario!

  1. Didn’t notice the goal but I LOVE it! There’s something special about embracing the simple (pointless) things in life.

    We need to get you a medal when you complete it!

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