Your Daily Dose of Me

In which I admit that attempting to post every day during this particular month was insane, and why I like it anyway. (#32)

Today marks the halfway point in my mission to post daily for the month of January. And I could not have made it this far without the ability to schedule posts. This weekend, for example, the hubs and I cleaned and checked out of our old apartment, traveled to his family’s place about four hours away, met our nephew for the first time, and will be attending the rehearsal, dinner, and wedding of his sister. (Boy, tense is tricky when one is scheduling posts.)

Trying to get settled into our new home, his new job, my new company, and new list is a tall order. Add into that the end of the holidays (which seem to be lasting longer for us this year, since they didn’t really start until December 24th), the family events, and the fact that the hubs leaves for training at the end of this month — I mean, why not add posting every day to the schedule?

If I wasn’t pushing myself to post every day, I might not work on my 101 list at all this month. And if I did that, I would lose all that starting out excitement. Having to prep a post for each day has made me focus on my list more than I would have otherwise. Even if I’m not making a lot of progress on it, I have my goals in my head. And I think that getting the goals into the back of my head will help me keep my momentum for the months when I won’t post daily.

I am glad that I challenged myself to do this. But I am looking forward to February, when the pace of my life will slow back down to normal. I think this would make a great challenge at the start of each calendar year of my 1001. After all, eleven months should be long enough to forget the details of what it is like, shouldn’t it?