Documenting My List

In which I reveal my type A personality as I describe how I’m tracking my efforts on my list.

I am a big believer in the good that a 101 project can bring. I’m using it to ensure that my days have purpose, that I continue to focus on myself, and that I am really trying to create the type of life that I want. Some goals will be completed without much work or planning, while others will take more effort.

Ultimately, I will end up with a photo book with pictures and an account of my progress through this list. I hope to make a book for each 101 project that I attempt. I think that it will be interesting to see how my goals and methods change over the years. (When I complete this 101 project, I’ll have been working on documented goals for six years of my life. Even if I don’t start a third project, I’ll have documented six very change-filled years.)

I started a system with my last list that I’m continuing to this one. I started writing thoughts about goal ideas and ideas for this blog in a spiral notebook. This notebook gives me a place to brainstorm. Once I create the final photo book, I’ll pull those pages out to recycle and I’ll reuse the notebook for something else. I’ve also got a journal that I’ve written each goal on the top of a page. I’ll have a page (front and back) to write about my reasoning behind adding each goal to my list, steps in my progress, and how I feel about the goals as I complete them. I’ll keep the journal after I complete the final photo book. Writing helps me organize my thoughts. Some of that might end up on the blog, but I find that I am shy of posting everything that I may write in here.

Still, the blog will provide the bulk of the text and ideas for my final photo book. I’ll be using the monthly calendar pages in my planner to keep track of things that I intend to blog about in the near future. (In pencil, of course — I’ve already changed my schedule from what’s pictured here, as you can tell.) I don’t expect that I will always have things planned out to a week in advance.

So that is my system. It is a bit much, and has some redundancy, but it works for me.


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  1. Since Jan 1st, I have picked up two more notebooks for different purposes. I just LOVE notebooks full of writing and the sounds the page makes when you flip through it…

    Is that odd?

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