New Wardrobe Additions

In which I revisit my last 101 project and show off some purchases for my new look.

I have been thinking of one of my goals from my last 101 project — creating a new, more adult look for myself. My friends have included some wardrobe goals on their lists, so this has remained a topic of conversation. (In more general terms, many of the goals I included on my last list are still making a difference in my life now. I’ll probably revisit more of them as this list progresses.)

I had a hard time creating my new look. I ended up considering the goal completed when I felt like I had a clear direction. I don’t love every single item of clothing, or all of my accessories and shoes. But I have a clearer idea of what I love about certain items, and what to look for in new purchases. I am building a wardrobe that fits, even when tailoring is required. I’m purchasing items that have interesting details that make them feminine. I’m wearing primarily skirts and dresses, and going for pretty but functional footwear while staying away from flip flops for the most part.

Or at least, I was. Winter has been a bit of a stretch for my new look — it is certainly my least evolved season in terms of my wardrobe. This is in part because I hate winter, and in part because I hate being cold. And I am almost always cold. I got several pairs of pants, and actually had them tailored so that I could wear them with flats. I’ve been wearing those with long underwear or tights underneath them for warmth. I also purchased a bunch of sweaters and have been wearing them with scarves for warmth and in place of further accessorizing.

I’m already looking forward to spring, when things will warm up a bit and allow me to wear some of the items I’d planned to wear in winter until I was rudely reminded what winter felt like. Over the past few days, I’ve also made a few purchases that I’m very excited about.


Image from, and linked to, Lands End Canvas listing


I ordered this lovely skirt the other day, and it is currently on its way to my doorstep. I am excited about the wool blend and full lining, the casual cut and waistband, and the pockets. This is my first purchase from Land’s End Canvas, and I was excited to get a sale and an extra coupon code, making this skirt under $30, including shipping.

And then the hubs and I ventured out to Marshalls, where I bought these shoes on clearance for $30. They are a hard-to-photograph mix of brown and pewter gray. I’ll need to punch new holes in the straps — I think that is why they had so many of these left. These are unlike anything else I own, and I think that they are going to be a fun addition to my closet. I will get rid of a pair of shoes in order to make room for these.

I also picked up a few cardigans, and a dress and jacket set that was on clearance. But I was most excited about the shoes. And extra points to my husband, who helped me make a choice between two similar pairs. He picked the best one, I think.



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  1. Good job husband! Those shoes are awesome 🙂

    My Land’s End came today (how it got here so quickly, I have NO idea!) and I’m excited to look at the goodness when I get home!

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