The King’s Speech

In which I describe the second of five movies I will see with the hubs (#59) and express my love for Colin Firth.

I love Colin Firth.

Now that we have that out of the way, I can tell you about the second movie date that the hubs and I had last weekend. (Aren’t we on a roll?!?) It is rare that there is more than one movie that we can agree on out at a time. And even rarer that I have movie theatre gift cards to bankroll the excursions. So we headed out to the movies again on Saturday to see The King’s Speech.

I really enjoyed this movie. For one thing, I liked the portrayal of his older brother who abdicated for the twice-divorced American. It has always annoyed me that people treated that as a great romance rather than a spoiled boy who couldn’t man up, so he abandoned his country during the rise of Hitler. (Luckily for the country, that turned out rather well for them, so I suppose hard feelings should be forgotten.) The main actors were very engaging, and there were some scenes with the young princesses Elizabeth and Margaret that were just wonderful.

All in all, I would recommend it.

We combined this movie with a bit of shopping at the mall and dinner at Ruby Tuesday. (Aren’t we wild?) Unfortunately, the ticket machine wouldn’t accept my gift card (that it had accepted the week before) so we ended up footing the entire bill of our excursion ourselves. I suppose that we will live, but it was a bit frustrating in the moment.

Two movie down in as many weeks working on the list!  Woohoo.


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  1. Who doesn’t love Colin Firth?! I know I do!!!

    I love your history nerdiness coming out. Obviously, I have NO idea what the back story of the movie is but I will be adding it to the Netflix.

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