Curls of Ridiculous

In which I report on the curlers I splurged on (#98) and post photos of myself impersonating a Dr. Suess character.

My friends, these are hands down the most expensive curlers I have ever purchased for myself. I’ve been looking at these online for a while. I read reviews. I watched demo videos. And I could not bring myself to spend $60 on a curling starter kit until I put it on my 101.

But shortly after my 101 project started, I headed out to Sally Beauty Supply and bought ridiculous curlers. Ridiculously expensive. Ridiculous looking when they are in:

So far, I have been pretty pleased with my Curlformers. They are tubes of some sort of plastic mesh that have been flattened out and curled.  You take a section of your wet hair, catch it with the hook, and pull it through the tube. The first time I put these in, it took me an hour. I’ve cut that time in half with a handful of practices.

Both ends of the tubes are rubber, so they grip the curler in place. Each set has two colors of curlers, turning in opposite directions. I still need to practice using them more evenly. I have the long and wide curlers, which really make fairly tight spiral curls. I might consider getting the long and extra wide kit at some point in the future so that I have more options. Perhaps once I donate most of the other, less successful curlers. (I think I will have to keep one set of rollers that I could sleep on. I can’t imagine sleeping with these, though I’ve read reviews where people claim to have done it.)

My curlers were dry in about two hours, but that will really depend on the size of the sections you’ve curled. The easiest way to pull them out is to squeeze the top rubber grip so that it opens, then straighten out the curler a bit, then slide it off of the hair. I put in some mousse and curling spray, and the curls hold all day. I attempted it with just the curling spray to see if they would loosen up some. They didn’t. Instead, the curls got fuzzy.

I think these are fairly successful. I intend to use them this weekend for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  Wish me luck!


One thought on “Curls of Ridiculous

  1. Only you can look adorable in those crazy things! I may have to try one when I come visit you. Just the one though, as I prefer one nice “odd man out” type of curl.

    I can’t believe the finished look though! That’s professional grade and I think they’ll be GREAT for the wedding! Good luck and great purchase 🙂

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