Oh, the Excitement!

In which I discuss the goals on my own list that I am most excited to complete.

After writing about my friends’ lists over the past weekend, I wanted to review my own list to see what I was most excited to complete. I expect that the goals I’m looking forward to will change many times during the 101 project.

As I start out, I am most excited to complete:

7. Open an IRA and reallocate retirement savings
Living on the edge, aren’t I? I am excited to complete this goal because it falls under my “manage money so that I don’t have to think about it much” theory of life. I need to consolidate my old 401k with my new retirement saving plan. This excitement touches on other financial goals on my list as well. I’ll be completing these early, I hope, as the hubs and I settle into a life of two salaries.

22. Do something active with the hubs once a week for six months
I think that this goal will be a great way for us to explore our new location. And, of course, help me fight the effects of working from home.

45. Finish my photo book documenting my first 101
I have started work on a photo book of my last 101 project, but it was completely overtaken by the preparations for moving and all our other recent life changes. I don’t want this to get lost in the shuffle, and I can’t wait to have that record of all the work I put into my first project. I think that an early completion on this would help me keep excited about my current list and hopefully bode well for completing a photo book of this one in a timely manner.

63. Travel out of the country again with the hubs
The hubs and I got engaged in Italy. I would love to take at least one more big overseas trip before we decide to have kids. (We’ll take them on big trips like that eventually, but we think it will be a lot harder when they are very young.) I’ll be working on saving money for the trip a long time before I can get into the fun work of researching and planning.

78. Buy a big fancy camera and lens
This is something that I’ve wanted for a long time, but I just never had the money to put away for it — there were always bigger priorities. I’ll have to save up for this goal as well, but I think it will make me very happy for a long time in the future.

95. Make and linger over a new fondue recipe
Finally, a goal that won’t take a lot of planning! I love fondue, because it makes dinner so much more of an event. I enjoy prepping everything together, and then lingering at the table for longer than usual as we eat all the melted goodness. I strongly suspect that this will be a cheese fondue of some sort.  Sounds perfect for a winter night at home, doesn’t it?

So there you have it. Six of the goals that I am excited to complete. Of course, I’m looking forward to all the others as well. (I don’t want you to feel bad for them — they’ll get their chance.)