Help Me Welcome…

In which I introduce the second of two blogs I’ll be avidly following and commenting on for the duration of my project (#60).

The second friend I am lucky enough to be sharing my 101 project with is the lovely Katie W. She joined me on my last 101 project with a 51 in 501 project, but she’s back with a full 101 list this time around.

I met Katie in 2002, when we started college. We became friends during school, but we became great friends after graduation. (Thank goodness — I could be missing so much.) It has been a joy to get to know her better on both superficial and deeper levels. We made the most of a period of unemployment she went through a few years back by having extremely long lunches on a regular basis. I’m lucky that we got to spend that time together, despite the rather dark circumstances by which we got it. She is incredibly thoughtful, and our talks have definitely influenced the tone of my list.

Katie and I are often working towards the same feelings in our lives through different techniques. I find that our lists complement each other just as much as we do as friends. She blogs so cheerfully, even about her challenges, that I look forward to seeing how she tackles these tasks she’s set for herself.

Katie’s focusing on coming into her own with this list. She’s working on accepting and being exactly who she is. And she is doing it by jumping into her list head first. She’s going to be one to watch.

I’ll be watching particularly for her to complete:

13. Donate to charity five times, $100 every six months. (0/5)
Katie is sure to make thought-provoking and interesting choices here. (No pressure, Katie!) I’m interested to learn about the charities she decides to support.

32. Treat myself to a hot stone massage.
I have never done anything like this! It sounds so luxurious!

43. Go to a Hot Air Balloon festival.
When I was little, my family went to the International Balloon Fiesta many times. My father really enjoys hot air balloons, so we’ve been to several small festivals since. I think that it can be such a fun way to spend a few hours, especially if the weather is on your side. I can’t wait to see where she ends up.  I demand photos!

88. Buy a really nice camera.
I am excited about this, and not just because I have the same goal on my own list. I think that Katie will really enjoy having a nice camera that can take photos she’d want to hang in her home. And I know that she’ll be sharing a lot of those photos with us!

100. Make a dozen of my own accessories. (0/12)
I can’t wait to see what she comes up with here. I am sure that the results will be perfectly funky and fabulous.


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  1. No pressure, huh?! Yeah, I don’t feel any…

    I’m so glad we got those lunches and the random late nights with wine… You have turned into a really AMAZING friend and influence in my life. No pressure to continue being awesome though 🙂

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