In which I introduce the first of two blogs I’ll be avidly following and commenting on for the duration of my project (#60).

I am incredibly lucky in that two of my very good friends are working on a 101 project at the same time as I am. If you haven’t already visited them through the links in the right sidebar, I’d like to introduce you to them this weekend. I’ll be commenting on their blogs throughout the 101 project, because I am thrilled to be supporting — and supported by — them.  First up:

I have known Becky since 1993. She moved away after our eighth grade year, but we’ve remained best friends since then. We have the kind of friendship that doesn’t take notice of how long it’s been since we last wrote, called, or saw each other — each time we do, we slip right back in. We are very different people with very different interests. (She actually goes to the gym. And likes it. Yick.)

We completed our first 101 projects together from January 2008 to September 2010. And we learned more about each other than we knew before. Things that you normally don’t get around to talking when spending the day together or emailing about day-to-day happenings. The kind of stuff that usually comes out around midnight in an old-school sleepover, or after the third glass of wine on a grown-up one.

And we found out that we are very much the same on those big issues. We are struggling with defining what our mid-to-late-twenties lives will look like, who we will be as adults. And we are able to help each other with that process. Working with her helped me keep motivated on my list and previous blog. I got more out of my project because she supported me in it. And I think that our projects are helping us get more out of our long friendship as well.

Becky is working on this 101 project to practice living with a calm sense of purpose. And she just posted about how what she’s tackling first on her new list, so it’s a great time to click over and meet her if you haven’t already.

Some goals from her list that I’m especially excited to see her complete are:

8. Put together and photograph ten awesome outfits that I love for various situations (work, casual, fancy, all seasons).
I had a goal on my last list to update my wardrobe and find a new look. I loved that process, and I can’t wait for her to find a groove that she can feel really good about, because I am so addicted to that feeling. Every girl needs a variety of sure-fire outfits to pull out and rock.

35. Take photos of daily life, and post 50 times.
I think that this will be an interesting glimpse into her days, which I hear about over email. How fun to see the smaller events that might not make it into our conversations.

52. Develop effective anti-procrastination methods, work on not procrastinating for an entire month.
I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with here. I know things like that may work for one person and not the next, but I fully intend on trying some of them out myself.

74. Update my happy box.
When we were in high school, Becky gave me a wooden box with a smiley face button in it, labelled the “happy box.” I still have it, lost in our moving boxes somewhere. It was always a nice reminder of our friendship. And, of course, I’m a firm believer in having a few things that invoke happy memories that you can look at to help break out of a funk.

100. Go wine tasting.
Because I think there’s a good chance I can get her to complete this one with me. And I love me some wine.


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