Furniture Shopping

In which I stumble towards a furniture style, in the name of my January monthly missions (#32).

I am pleased to report that the hubs and I ventured out to look at couches last night. Again.

We have been looking at couches for months. Now that we have moved, we are able to look seriously and order the furniture. Or we would be able to, if we could decide on a couch. The facts, as Pushing Daisies would say, are these:  This is the first big piece of furniture that we’ve bought together, excepting our mattress. (And there isn’t a lot of style conveyed by a mattress.) We’ve been saving the money we received as wedding gifts two and a half years ago so that we could purchase and investment couch that will last us. So this elusive couch will set a style for us for a long time to come.

So, are we this kind of people?

Image from Lee Industries Furniture.

Or maybe we need a bit more of a welcoming feel, making us more this kind of people?

Image from Lee Industries Furniture.

And if we end up being either of those types of people, how can we be sure when no store seems to have any of these couches in their showrooms? We can sit on similar couches by the same manufacturers all day, and still not be sure what the couch we are ordering will really feel like.

At least we’ve made some progress. We know a lot more about what we like and don’t like, and I’m getting a bit more practiced at explaining it to a salesperson. (I hope those examples above seem to have some things in common. To me, it feels like a matter of degree of a style, not two different styles.) We found a store that we like, along with a saleslady that we did not want to hide from. (This is a BIG step.) We know we’ll be looking to upholster with a sturdy, neutral fabric, and we know we’ll need throw pillows.

I’m afraid that this might be one of those situations where we’ll eventually just have to take the plunge. I’m glad I have a self-imposed deadline. Now I just hope that we can hit it comfortably, and not feel as though we rushed in the end.


2 thoughts on “Furniture Shopping

  1. I think you are the first style kind of people. It’s modern but comfy looking. Speaking from expereince with my favorite at home, there’s nothing more annoying than constantly having to lift the back cushion to push the butt cushion back. That may not bother you at all, but it popped into my head…

    I’m so darn excited to see what you end up with!!!!

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