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In which I glance over my new list and attempt to make sense of my larger themes.

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When I was creating my first 101 list, I spent less than a month coming up with all my goals. I didn’t think about it too much, but as I worked on my project, I identified several larger themes that characterized my list.

I’ve been working on my current list since I finished my last one at the end of September. I’ve given it a lot more thought, and have been thinking of larger themes from the beginning. Obviously, I’m working towards bringing more grace and joy into my daily life. I’ll be doing that by focusing on my relationships and attempting to cultivate new friendships. I will be looking for ways to challenge myself in and out of my comfort zones. I’m looking towards the future and working to increase my financial stability and general health. I’ll be attempting to change my outlook and have more fun.

This project is bigger than a traditional new year’s resolution. For the duration of the project, my list will help me focus on improving the already great life that I have. I realize that I have as much time as I ever will to focus on myself and these improvements. I telecommute from home, have been married for a few years, and don’t have any pets or children. My 101 will help me prepare for changes in my future that I expect, as well as those that I don’t.

I got so much confidence and enjoyment from my last list. I can’t wait to see what I get out of this one.  I don’t think I’ll finish all the goals I’ve listed, but I’ve already learned from identifying them.

If you are thinking about launching a similar project, I can’t encourage you enough. If you are working on a similar project, I’d love to hear about it.


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