Missions for January

In which I make my first monthly mission goals (#32) and court some momentum.

In the hopes of getting this 101 project off to a raring start, I’ve turned my attention to my first monthly mission goals. Essentially, these are the key things I hope to accomplish during January 2011.

1. Order new couch and chairs
The hubs and I have been making do with hand-me-down couches that are ugly enough to burn one’s eyes. We recently moved into a new city and a new townhouse, and it is long past time to bid the couches goodbye. We have been shopping around, and I hope to purchase a new couch and two chairs by the end of this month.

2. Blog every day of January 2011
What better way to gain some momentum on my new list? I hope to tackle enough goals to provide blog-fodder for every day of this month. I don’t intend to keep up that pace throughout the list, but I will take advantage of my initial excitement and get off to a good start.

3. Organize our new kitchen
We have been in our townhouse for less than a month. We are closing in on having all of the boxes unpacked, but very little of our stuff is actually stored where it will live. The kitchen cabinets are full of our cookware and dishes, most of which is unaccessible. Having a workable kitchen will go a long way towards making our new place feel more like home.

So there you have it. My missions for the next month. I’ll be reporting back on my progress (or lack thereof, though I hope I can start off on a stronger foot) as the month progresses. Wish me luck. For such a short list, I see lots of frustration in my future.


One thought on “Missions for January

  1. Man, I’m going to have a LOT of commenting to do this month 🙂

    And as ugly as the couches may be, they contain lots of memories and are comfy and FABULOUS for napping/dozing/resting one’s eyes (read: sleeping). Always remember An American in Paris (I still don’t know what the hell happened in that movie!)…

    Anyway, good luck! I’m excited to see how you get started!

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