January Missions

In which I check in on my monthly missions for December and 2011, and set out some new missions for January (#32).

I really enjoyed my December monthly missions, which I’m happy to say I completed. I especially appreciated the push to spend some time crafting each week. It was relaxing and fun to do something creative with my time, instead of spending it in the variety of less fulfilling ways that have become the norm for me.

All in all, I completed four of 12 months’ missions on time, not quite reaching my goal of six. While I’m excited to mark this goal completed by the end of my list, I’m not disappointed that I didn’t knock it off in the first year. I think that my focus is on setting smaller, monthly goals for myself and constantly challenging myself. This goal has been a way to tie current and passing interests into the framework of my existing 101 list without changing my initial goals. My intention is to become more mindful of small things I can do to improve my life and my mood.

For January, I’ll be channeling that nearly universal drive that the new year brings, and focusing my missions on grace.

1. Each day, find one item to donate.
I am lucky enough to be surrounded by stuff. But I am equally sure that I am surrounded, in part, by things that I don’t need. I’m going to purge one item from my life each day, donating them all to Goodwill at the end of the month. Items that I find which are better suited to the trash or recycling will not count towards this goal, but I’m hoping that I can clear out some of that dead weight as well.

2. Give trial runs to new cocktails in the search for a favorite winter drink.
I love the tradition of a pre-dinner cocktail. When the hubs gets home from work, the ritual of deciding on and mixing or pouring a drink is the signal for us to leave work stress behind. But our go-to drinks are really better suited to the warmer months. Nice, tall glasses of icy, boozy goodness. For the colder weather, I’m looking for a drink that we can sit and sip. It will probably be stronger than our current choices.

3. Do a check of our finances, insurance, and credit.
I think it’s about time that I run through our financial distributions and our insurance coverage and inventory. I’ll need to add some new purchases to both of those, and make some changes to our savings plans with our expected annual raises. Time to check in on another round of credit reports in preparation for what we hope will be the year we purchase a house. I’d rather group my maintenance together in this one month and then go back to ignoring it, knowing that things are rolling along without me.

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